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Looking to increase the success of your game? The Chain Games platform brings real prizes and multiplayer competitions and tournaments to your players. Our Developer SDK makes it easy to get started.
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Chain Games is an evolution in Web 3.0 blockchain gaming combining smart contract based contests with state of the art gameplay. We are committed to transitioning the blockchain gaming industry into the modern gaming era. Our multiplayer competitive platform brings eSports tournaments and real cash and crypto prizes to your players, boosting your game’s success.

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Any developer can integrate the Chain Games competitive eSports system into their games. After publishing your game to our Open dApp Store, you earn a share of the rake from each match. A great way for both indie developers and large and small gaming studios to realize additional revenue opportunities not previously explored.

How It Works

How you get paid?

1. Players pay entry fees to compete in your game.

2. Winners take home cash and crypto prizes.

3. You and Chain Games split the rest.

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